RaiseRight Program - Tuition Assistance

Order RaiseRight and save

$$ on your child’s tuition!

What is RaiseRight fundraising? RaiseRight sells gift cards from hundreds of retailers to non-profit  organizations (such as Prince of Peace Lutheran Church & School) at a discount. At Prince of Peace, these discount amounts may be directly deducted from your child’s tuition bill each month! You redeem the cards at full face value, too. Take a look at an example of a typical family’s weekly order to see how RaiseRight can help you and your family save money each month:


                   Gift Card      $ amount of card             % discount              $ credit

                  Walmart              $150.00                               1.5%                    $2.25

                    Kohl’s                 $50.00                                 3%                      $1.50

                    Chili’s                 $25.00                                10%                     $2.50

                    Arby’s                 $10.00                                 7%                      $0.70

                Steak 'n Shake       $20.00                                 7%                      $1.40


                                                                                       TOTAL CREDITS  $8.35

If you place such an order every week, that amounts to over $33 off your child’s monthly bill! You can add to your savings by having friends and family order for the benefit of your child as well.


How do I order RaiseRight? Complete an order form, attach payment, and turn in to the school office. Prince of Peace places our order once a week on Mondays at 9:00a.m. You will receive your cards by Friday of the same week. Scrip ordering takes planning ahead, but it is well worth the effort! The office tracks your purchases and deducts the credits from your bill each month. You may also  choose to have your credits applied to the school or church. There is also option for digital gift cards which allow instant access. Stop by the office to learn more!


Can I redeem my credits for cash? No. All credits accrued are non-refundable and may not be redeemed for cash.


Are there additional cards available other than those listed on the order form? Yes! Stop in the office or call if there is a card you wish to purchase that is not on the order form.





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